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Placer County is not impervious to mental health issues that face other areas of Northern California,

such as depression, anxiety, drug use, and suicide. The need for mental health services outweighs the

resources available, and low-income residents, particularly women and children, are often unable to

afford the care they need. On behalf of Heartstrings Counseling, we respectfully request a donation of

any amount to improve access to mental health care in Placer County by adding seven new counseling

rooms which will allow us to nearly double the number of clients served.

Organization Overview

In 2017, Heartstrings Counseling served 420 unique clients, a 65 percent increase from the previous year,

and provided 3,360 counseling sessions. Forty-two percent of our clients are under the age of 18, and 73

percent are women. Eighty-five percent of clients are from Placer County. Despite an increase in the

number of clients served, we turn away more than 240 clients a year due to a lack of space.

Our services provide clients with the tools to manage stress and anxiety, process trauma and traumatic

events, navigate grief and loss, and develop the tools to leave abusive relationships, as just a few

examples. We serve individuals, couples and families, with counselors specially trained in marriage and

group counseling. All of our therapists are trained to treat a wide range of serious clinical problems

including: depression, marital problems, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and child-parent



Statement of Need

Areas of concern for Placer County include opioid/prescription drug use, depression and anxiety. Stress

can often lead to ongoing depression and anxiety, particularly for low-income residents in our

community. Placer County has a higher rate of suicide compared to the state average, and youth are

among those most impacted. In 2014, mental disease and illness was the leading cause of hospitalization

for children ages 0-17 in Placer County. Youth are often referred to us by local schools which are

unequipped to adequately handle mental health challenges. Surveys have found that K-12 schools on

average have one school counselor for every 894 students, and one school psychologist for every 971


Heartstrings Counseling services meet mental health and safety needs in Placer County which otherwise

would go untreated. Heartstrings Counseling provides counseling on sliding fee scale that allows clients

to pay based on their income levels and includes free services for those most vulnerable, including

women and children.

Funding Opportunity

Heartstrings Counseling requests a donation of any amount which will be used to expand to seven new

counseling rooms, bringing us to a total of 9 rooms and allowing us to significantly increase the number

of clients served each year. We will begin renting additional rooms in our current office park location

within the next three months and expect to have the rooms furnished and fully operational by February

2019. The total cost of the project is $100,000, which includes rent, outfitting our new counseling rooms

with furniture, carpet, paint, soundproof walls, supplies, and resources to subsidize additional free

counseling sessions for clients unable to pay.

Heartstrings Counseling monitors our impact by tracking the number of clients served on a monthly and

annual basis. With the addition of new counseling rooms, we anticipate an increase in the number of

clients served, allowing us to better meet the mental health needs of the Placer County community. We

also track the number of clients that are turned away on a monthly and annual basis due to lack of space

or limited resources. We expect that this number will decline as we increase our ability to serve the local

community and continue to secure resources to offer more free counseling sessions.

Additionally, during initial therapy appointments, counselors work with clients to identify their personal

goals. This helps to inform the counseling plan and sessions and allows both clients and counselors to

track their success. Sixty-nine percent of clients in 2017 achieved their personal goals for therapy.

Remaining clients were unable to continue due to finances or for personal reasons.


Heartstrings Counseling meets a pressing community need by providing therapy to Placer County

residents who are struggling with mental health challenges; however, we know that we can do more to

meet the needs of our community. Through our expansion to add new counseling rooms, we will

significantly increase the number of clients served. Together with your support, we can ensure that

those who need mental health counseling will have access to services needed, ultimately improving

community health and well-being.

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