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Who We Are

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Heartstrings Counseling is a non-profit counseling agency located in Loomis, California. Heartstrings Counseling was established in 2013 as a non-profit benefit corporation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable counseling services on a sliding scale to those who cannot afford regular therapy costs.

Our Vision

Heartstrings Counseling strives to encourage positive, lasting change and personal growth that will brace and sustain the hearts and lives of individuals, couples, families, teens, and children. We strive to help clients learn coping and processing "tools" for their toolbox of skills to help them navigate their lives. We also want to crush the stigma of seeking mental health support by providing a safe, validating, and empathic experience where each client feels understood, accepted, and supported.

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Our Services

Our services provide clients with the tools to manage stress and anxiety, process trauma and traumatic events, navigate grief and loss, and develop the tools to leave abusive relationships, to name a few examples. We serve individuals, couples, families, teens and children with counselors specially trained in individual and group counseling. Counseling sessions are done in person and/or via telehealth depending on the client’s needs. 

Our services are provided by a team of highly-trained and supervised therapists. All of our therapists are trained to treat a wide range of serious clinical problems including: depression, marital conflicts, anxiety, individual psychological problems, and child-parent problems. Therapists have either a Master’s degree in psychology or are in the last year of their Master’s program working towards the required 3,000 hours of training and experience to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Who We Serve

2020 Totals

Heartstrings Counseling provides counseling services to a wide range of clients including those who are in need of low cost or no cost counseling. We rely on supporter and business partnership donations and grants to provide counseling to those who cannot otherwise afford these services. In 2020, Heartstrings Counseling provided an average of 516 sessions per month, totaling 6,100+ counseling sessions for the year. Over 70% of those sessions (4,300+) were provided free of charge to clients through funding from sponsors and partnership grants.

"The purpose of Heartstrings Counseling is to provide high quality, affordable counseling and educational services to all members of the community."

Heartstrings Counseling is dedicated to serving our community, including clients from:
  • • Placer County
  • • Butte County
  • • Sacramento County
  • • El Dorado County
  • • And the surrounding areas
We also provide telehealth phone and video sessions for remote clients throughout California and reach approximately 1,071,700+ viewers monthly through various social media and networking outlets.


Heartstrings Counseling has worked closely with those impacted and affected by fires in California including the Paradise Camp Fire, River Fire, Dixie Fire, SCU Lightening Complex, Bear Fire, North Complex, Caldor Fire, and others. Our therapists work closely alongside survivors and their extended network to process and heal:
  • • Anxiety
  • • Depression
  • • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • • Grief and Loss
No event or crisis is too big and no corner of California is too far for our Heartstrings to reach those in need. The Covid-19 pandemic has also impacted mental health for many people. As the pandemic ramped up and continues to leave people with needing additional support to process, heal, and return to normalcy, we continue to provide free sessions via telehealth to those in need.

Board of Directors
Heartstrings Counseling is governed by the following three-person Board of Directors. Board members routinely meet and collaborate on the most effective way to serve our community and are passionate about helping those needing therapy and support, and improving access to these mental health services.

Darla Gale

Darla Gale, LMFT
Chief Executive Officer
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#92413)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained Therapist
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Imago Trained Couples Therapist Certified First Responder Counselor
Certified First Responder Counselor

Heartstrings Counseling is led by Executive Director and Founder, Darla Lynn Gale. Darla graduated from Brandman University in 2012 with a Master's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has a deep desire to provide healing to those who are hurting.



Holly Johnson, LMFT
Chief Financial Officer
Holly Johnson is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice in Roseville, CA with over 25 years experience including over seven years as a Foster Care Social Worker for a nonprofit and 13 years with the Placer County Children’s System of Care. She has also provided mental health services for both children and families in Day treatment programs, and facilitated Wrap Around services for at-risk youth and families in child welfare and juvenile probations systems. She is honored to be on the Board of Directors to support this much needed service in Placer County.


Kara Walsh, LMFT, ACHT

Kara Walsh is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist practicing in Roseville, California. Kara attended Saint Mary’s College and has a passion for working with tweens, teens, and transitional age youth on their hero’s journey. Kara is passionate about Heartstrings ability to bring affordable counseling to the community as she believes it is a much needed commodity for all human beings to have access to healing practices.

Dozer began his career at 16 weeks old working in Group Homes and has spent three years happily greeting clients at Heartstrings Counseling.



Our Therapists
Our therapists are under the direct supervision of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and are highly-trained in a wide-range of clinical disciplines. With compassionate hearts, their desire is to walk alongside clients on their journey to achieving more peace, love, joy, and hope in their lives.
Heartstrings Counseling is a training facility that provides therapists with a wonderful atmosphere to gain their licensing experience. Our therapists have either recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology or are completing the last year of their Master's degree graduate program. In order to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, therapists are required to gain 3,000 hours of training and experience. Heartstrings Counseling values the therapists education and supports their journey to licensure. Under the supervision structure, each therapist meets weekly for group and individual supervision.



"Heartstings provides personalized supervision that grows my own therapy style and is vital to providing the best support for my clients. Supervisions are supportive, fun, and team oriented ensuring a secure level of support." - Heather Moore, AMFT 118942

Heartstrings Counseling therapists have been trained to treat a wide range of mental health issues including:

  • • Depression
  • • Anxiety
  • • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
  • • Marital Conflict
  • • Addiction
  • • Grief
  • • Child-Parent Relations
  • • Codependent Behaviors
  • • Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders
  • • Eating Disorders
  • • and other clinical mental health illnesses

Heartstrings Counseling On The Move

Healing Express Our mobile crisis and disaster counseling program, Heartstrings Healing Express, was launched in March 2021. The Express is a newly-renovated RV designed to bring Heartstrings Counseling therapists to the site of crisis or disaster events anywhere in California. This allows us to transport our services and offer counseling support to those affected by events such as wildfires, mass disasters, and circumstances where immediate on-site counseling is needed. We also work with first responders and their families.


Darla and Roger

Shifting Through the Ashes

Sifting Through The Ashes

Heartstrings Counseling is currently writing a book entitled, "Sifting Through The Ashes: Finding Beauty, Peace, Love, and Strength," which will provide readers with guidance through the emotional process of fostering and promoting resilience and growth, healing and peace.

The book features true stories of trauma as described by those impacted by the 2018 Camp Fire, the deadliest fire in California history. It will also include a section of self-help exercises to help survivors and those affected around them to process and cope.

The book is designed to help those who have gone through a disaster with added tools to accompany their therapy work, or to use as an alternate resource for those unable to attend counseling or who have a counseling stigma and would prefer another type of healing resource.

All proceeds from the sale of this book, scheduled to be released late 2022, will also be held in a separate program fund to be able to provide free counseling sessions to survivors and others impacted by fire devastation.

Heartstrings Counseling in the Media

Heartstrings Counseling has been featured in a number of media platforms including:

  • 2020 Loomis Non-Profit Service Organization of the Year Award, Loomis, California
  • ABC 10 Sacramento
    "Mental Health of Fire Evacuees" - August 2021
  • Fox 40 News
    In studio interview on emotional support for Camp Fire survivors.
  • Gold Country Media Best of the Best
    Best Counseling Agency, 2020 & 2021, Loomis, California
  • KRCR News Channel 7
    "Importance of Mental Health for Fire Survivors" - August 2021
  • Men’s Health Magazine
    "Rebuilding Paradise: What Fire Can’t Destroy" article - November 2019.
  • National Geographic
    Acknowledgement of therapy services provided to Camp Fire survivors. Listed as a resource in the National Geographic website documentary, "Rebuilding Paradise" - July 31, 2020.
  • NBC News
    2020 NBC article on Impact of Wildfires affecting residents’ mental health.
  • Vice Magazine
    "Residents Cope with Destroyed Homes, Toxic Water and PTSD" article - June 18, 2019

Fox Interview

Best of the Best

Darla Office

Heartstrings Counseling Client Testimonials

“I Just want to say thank you! Thank you for helping me, for believing in me, and just being there to listen! I am truly grateful and so very thankful for Heartstrings!”
- Shannon, Citrus Heights, CA

“After surviving the Camp Fire I found myself in need of counseling. After a frustrating and long search, I was referred to Heartstrings by the County. Heartstrings had me assigned to a counselor the next day! And I have had a very positive experience since.”
- Marty S, Paradise, CA

“Heartstrings provides a wonderful service with knowledge, compassion and being there for you. I was so afraid and unsure to ask for help for my PTSD from the Camp Fire; but once I took that step, it was the best decision I ever made. I can’t recommend them enough.”
- Katherine L, Elk Grove, CA

“Heartstrings was the lifeline thrown to me when I thought I would drown in all that was happening in my life. I am SO grateful for the love, support and guidance I received from the staff. You are all a blessing for sure!!”
- Wendy H, Loomis, CA

“Heartstrings Counseling has been such a blessing in my life. More healing for me in two years than the last 20 years! Thank you to all of the staff for your kindness and compassion.”
- Kati M, Paradise, CA

“Heartstrings has done so much for me! They taught me the tools to cope with trauma and PTSD from the Camp Fire. I don’t know what I would have done without them! Their various forms of therapy, caring and willingness to listen without judgment makes me feel comfortable and safe. I can’t thank Heartstrings enough for helping me through the process of healing.”
- Barbara C, Paradise, CA

"During times of struggle, you lean on your friends and family for support. With the Camp Fire. everyone was in the same situation. We were all trying to put the pieces together, making life-changing decisions daily. I went to Heartstrings, broken and lost, trying to go through the motions of a daily routine. Because of the caring staff at Heartstrings, I began mending the pieces of my heart one string at a time. It will be a lifetime of healing. I am thankful for my counselor, who took me by the hand and slowly helped me stand again. At first, she had to hold me up and now, I am standing alone."
- Jammie H, Roseville, CA

Program & Administration Costs

Our mission is to provide low cost and no-cost counseling to those in our community who need it most. Over 80% going directly to therapy sessions for the community with less than 20% of our operating cost going toward administration expenses. We are honored to be voted the "Best of the Best" in our area and continue to step-up and step-out for those who need mental health support, and to invest back into our agency to make this support accessible for all.

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Partnerships for a Better World

Over the past two years, Heartstrings Counseling has had the honor and privilege to work with numerous local partnerships. It is because of these partnerships that we have been able to provide free sessions to individuals, couples, families, teens, and children within our community who would have otherwise not been able to get the help they needed. These partnerships have also helped us provide services to fire survivors from the Camp Fire and Napa/Sonoma fire disasters, to First Responders, to mass shooting survivors who live in California, as well as many low income and impoverished members of our community. Heartstrings Counseling total grants to date has reached over $250,000 through individual and corporate partnerships. We extend our sincere thanks to those who have partnered with us:


Become a Sponsor and Partner With Us!


Heartstrings Counseling relies on individual and corporate sponsors and partnerships to provide FREE counseling sessions to individuals, families, disaster survivors, and many others in our local communities who cannot otherwise afford these services.
Partner with us by selecting a sponsorship level and help us to continue providing these important counseling opportunities to those in need.


Single Heart Sponsorship: $1,000

  • Your Company logo, website URL link, and 50-word Company description on the Heartstrings Counseling website
    • Five (5) complimentary counseling sessions (a $300 value) to be used at your Company’s discretion
    • Quarterly 200-word acknowledgment of sponsorship in the Heartstrings Counseling online newsletter reaching over 2,500 people.

Double Heart Sponsorship: $5,000
• Your Company logo, website URL link, and 250-word Company description on the Heartstrings Counseling website
• Ten (10) complimentary counseling sessions ($600 value) to be used at your Company's discretion
• Acknowledgment of sponsorship in Sifting Through The Ashes book, including your company name, 50-word company description, and company website URL
• Quarterly 200-word acknowledgment of sponsorship in the Heartstrings Counseling online newsletter reaching over 2,500 people

Triple Heart Sponsorship: $10,000

Your Company logo, website URL link, and 250-word Company description on the Heartstrings Counseling website

  • Acknowledgment of sponsorship in Sifting Through The Ashes book, including your Company name, 50-word company description, and Company website URL
  • Monthly recognition through Heartstrings Counseling social media channelsFifteen (15) complimentary counseling sessions ($900 value) to be used at your Company's discretion Quarterly 200-word acknowledgment of sponsorship in the Heartstrings Counseling online newsletter reaching over 2,500 people. 

Any Amount Heart Sponsorship - One Time or Recurring

  • Honorable mention on the Heartstrings Counseling website including your Company logo • Acknowledgment of sponsorship in the Heartstrings Counseling online newsletter reaching over 2,500 people


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