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    Camp Fire Survivor Donations

    Camp Fire Survivor Emotional/Mental Health Support

     The Camp Fire was one of the most destructive fires in California history and the nation’s deadliest in the century. The fire wiped out 153,336 acres where 19,000 structures were burned to the ground, including 13,696 residences. Unfortunately, 85 people lost their lives in the fire. Many of those who had to evacuate fled to Placer, Sacramento, Nevada and El Dorado counties and are staying with family and friends, in tents and trailers, and in local hotels. The survivors of the Camp Fire have a long road ahead of them to rebuild their lives and process the loss and trauma they have suffered, and Heartstrings Counseling is a key partner on this journey. 

    Calls to Heartstrings Counseling have increased by 38% since the fire, and those additional calls are largely from Camp Fire survivors who have relocated to the region. Our goal is to provide free counseling services to all Camp Fire survivors, many of whom are families and children who have undergone severe trauma and loss. However, we need additional funding to ensure that no one is turned away. Heartstrings Counseling requests donations and sponsorships to continue to provide free counseling sessions to survivors of the devastating Northern California Camp Fire. 

     We have personally met with several families who are in need of mental health services, yet they cannot afford it. Most of the families we have met with have severe trauma from escaping the fire with flames on both sides of them, watching people perish as they were evacuating and racing for their lives out of the fire. The Camp Fire has led to significant emotional distress for the survivors, who are also dealing with the additional challenges of evacuating, relocating and then rebuilding their homes and their lives. Their home was their place of safety, comfort and security, and now their normality of life has been significantly disrupted. It is very common for these victims to experience a range of emotions and several stages of adjustment, including shock, anger, depression, PTSD and hopelessness. Through the use of EMDR (eye movement desensitization), brain spotting and trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the emotional support plan will include restoration of safety and empowerment, improving the quality of life on a daily basis by providing them with a place to process through their trauma and grief. Would you please consider donating today?


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